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Car stops, warrant searches and wiretaps are all tools used by law enforcement to investigate and prosecute narcotics offenses. Successfully defending against narcotics offenses requires an in-depth understanding of the law and skilled motion and trial practice. Attorney Patrick M. Gioia has successfully represented defendants charged with narcotics offenses throughout Massachusetts, including in the areas of: possession, distribution, intent, trafficking and conspiracy. Contact Attorney Gioia for expert counsel that you can depend on.

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Narcotics offenses in Massachusetts are charged under the Controlled Substance Act, General Law c. 94C. Common charges brought under the statute include possession with intent to distribute, and trafficking. Narcotics offenses may lead to severe consequences because many drug offenses trigger a mandatory minimum sentence upon conviction.

Narcotics offenses are often challenged at a motion to suppress hearing, before trial. The issue is first raised by a motion and affidavit where the defense avers that law enforcement violated individual protections afforded by the United States Constitution and the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. At the hearing, the defense is permitted to cross-examine law enforcement agents to contest the legality of the search or seizure. Successfully litigating a motion to suppress is often dependent on an attorney’s ability to draft a cogent legal brief, cross-examine witnesses and argue the facts of the case in the context of the law.

Attorney Patrick M. Gioia has successfully litigated narcotics offenses throughout Massachusetts. He has achieved measured and sustained success in the courtroom. Call Attorney Gioia today for trusted counsel you can depend on.


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