Financial crimes are non-violent offenses that range in sophistication from an alleged simple larceny to a complex embezzlement. Often, in these prosecutions discovery is dense and voluminous. As such, skilled criminal defense counsel is required to successful defend against a financial crime prosecution.

Financial crimes are prosecuted by rebuilding bank records and transactional history, as well as through witness testimony. Therefore, defense counsel will do well by reviewing the discovery to the point where counsel knows it better than anyone else in the courtroom. Through this type of intense preparation, counsel will be in the best position to defend his or her client.

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The most common financial crime prosecuted is larceny, charged in Massachusetts under general law chapter 265. The value of the property at issue will determine if the larceny is charged as a misdemeanor or felony. In Massachusetts, if the property is valued at over $1,200.00, the crime charged will be a felony. To prove a larceny, the state must demonstrate that the defendant took and carried away property, of another, with the intent to deprive the owner of it permanently. Potential defenses include challenging the elements as listed above; claim of right or honest belief abandonment. Should the evidence appear insurmountable or at the request of its client, Gioia Law will seek to mitigate the potential consequences by compiling a mitigation packet pre-trial and advocating for a favorable disposition, such as pre-trial diversion with reimbursement. Otherwise, as always, Gioia Law will be prepared to take the matter to trial and passionately advocate on behalf of its client. 

Gioia Law has successfully represented defendants charged with financial crimes throughout the state of Massachusetts in both district and superior court including major felony larceny. Contact Gioia Law today for trusted counsel you can depend on.

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