“Because of Pat, I’m a free man.” 


“With Patrick, I was always kept up to date on what was going on with my case and what was coming next. He was easily accessible by phone or email and always answered my questions with thoughtfulness and honesty. In the end, the government dropped all the charges. I was very thankful.”


“During my trial Attorney Gioia stood up for me at every twist and turn. I knew I was in good hands with him.”


“I hired Pat after I was charged with serious felonies. He immediately began investigating my case and was able to find exculpatory evidence that helped win my case. It was a miracle.”


“I had just graduated college and was charged with a crime for the first time. I had recently been hired and was scared of losing my job. Attorney Gioia made me feel at ease. He took control of my case and successfully argued for me to receive pre-trial diversion – meaning my case was dismissed and my record remained clean.”


“I was very concerned about my criminal case because a bad result could have made me deportable. On the day of trial Attorney Gioia filed several motions, and after reviewing the motions the prosecutor agreed to divert my case from the trial track- and eventually dismissed my case six months later. To say the very least, I was so relieved.”


“I found Pat very knowledgable. He was honest with me and gave me my options straight. I could tell he really cared about my case and helped me through the difficulties I faced.”


“Pat won a motion to suppress in my case after I was pulled over by the police and searched. The case was then dismissed. Very happy.” 


β€œAt my trial Patrick demonstrated his skill as an attorney through successfully cross examining the witnesses against me and then passionately arguing to a jury to find me not guilty. I was thrilled.”