There are a large range of motor vehicle crimes: from operating under the influence to vehicular homicide. The stakes are always high in these types of prosecutions not only because of potential incarceration but also because of collateral consequences, such as license loss. As such, skilled criminal defense counsel is required to successful defend against a motor vehicle prosecution.

Gioia Law has obtained favorable results for its clients throughout the state of Massachusetts charged with motor vehicle offenses including: leaving the scene of personal injury; reckless endangerment; operating under the influence; submitting false documents to the RMV; operating on a suspended license and vehicular homicide.

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Motor vehicle crimes are numerous though are primarily prosecuted under Massachusetts general law chapter 90. When assessing a defense to a motor vehicle crime an initial point of interest will be the citation. Under the law, police must issue a citation for motor vehicle offenses in a timely manner. Should the police fail to do so, a motion to dismiss may be allowed. If the matter appears that it will proceed to trial, and depending on the unique facts of each case, defense counsel will visit the scene, seek to interview witnesses with the assistance of an investigator, engage experts, including an accident reconstructionist, review photos, medical records, video and crash reports. As always, the more prepared counsel is, through a comprehensive review and determined preparation, the better the client is served.

Gioia Law prides itself on its “leave no stone unturned” approach to case preparation and this approach continues to yield successful results for its clients. Contact Gioia Law today for trusted counsel you can depend on.

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